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    LOS PORTALES S.A, hereinafter identified as “LOS PORTALES”, guarantees the highest discretion and protection of the personal data that the Users of its own web site, located at, may input into such web site, hereinafter identified as the “Web site”. This document describes the Privacy Policy that regulates the processing of the personal data that the Users provide in the Web site.


    At LOS PORTALES we are aware of the highest consideration that the privacy of our customers has and of every person interested in our products and services. Being consistent with this consideration, we are committed to respect your privacy and to preserve the confidentiality of your private information and personal data. Thus, the objective of this privacy policy is to let our Users learn the way their personal data are gathered, processed and protected, pursuant to Law No. 27086 – The Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information, that are introduced through the Internet in the Web site available to you. The purpose of the web site is to let people learn about the products and services that LOS PORTALES markets and to provide information about them, as well as to provide any other type of information that we believe may be of your interest and by creating a communication space for the Users.


    This policy is regulated by the Peruvian Legislation and specifically by: Law No. 29733 – Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Supreme Decree No. 003-2013 JUS, that approves the Regulations issued under Law No. 29733. Information security guidelines approved by Directorial Resolution No. 019-2013 JUS/ DGPDP. LOS PORTALES develops its policy of personal data processing abiding to the ruling principles pursuant to Law No. 29733 – Law on the Protection of Personal Data and therefore: Following the rule of law, it opposes to the gathering of personal data of our Users through false claims, unfair or illegal means. Following the consent principle, in the processing of the personal data of our Users, their consent will prevail. The personal data of our Users will be stored for a specific, explicit and legal purpose. It will not be extended to any other purpose if it is not established unequivocally as such at the time it is gathered, excluding the cases of activities of historical, statistical or scientific value when a procedure of disassociation or anonymization is used. The personal data to be processed shall be truthful, accurate, updated as much as possible, necessary, pertinent and appropriate regarding the purpose they were stored for. They will be stored in such a way that their security is guaranteed, only for the time required, in order to fulfill the purpose of processing. LOS PORTALES and, particularly, the individuals in charge of processing, adopt the technical, organizational and legal measures necessary to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal data. LOS PORTALES takes into account the appropriate security measures, according to the processing to be executed and the type of personal data. LOS PORTALES informs its Users that they can exercise their right to personal data protection established in article 2 item 6 of the Constitution of 1993 before the National Authority on Data Protection and at the jurisdictional site before the Judiciary in order to start the corresponding habeas data process.


    Users are informed that the personal data that they introduce in the forms that they may find under “Contact us” in the web site will be processed by LOS PORTALES in order to respond to their comments and to contact such Users, who will abide to this Privacy Policy. The Laborum Company will process the personal data and the information the Users may provide under “Work with us”. LOS PORTALES has a service agreement with the Laborum Company in order to facilitate the hiring management of the employees to cover the job openings. The management and the processing of this information and of the personal data provided will be regulated by the “Terms and Conditions” established in this web site, whose e-mail address is


    The purposes of the personal data processing that the Users input into the forms in the web site are so that Los Portales may respond to the queries, requests and any other type of information that the Users may share and to be able to facilitate later any information that LOS PORTALES believes it may be of their interest. Likewise, the Users that input their data into the different forms in the web site are authorizing LOS PORTALES specifically so that it may also use them to forward advertising information to them regarding the activities that the company develops in its business units (real-estate development, catering and tourism services, parking facilities, consumption and ancillary activities.)


    The personal data facilitated by the Users will be stored in the databases that are a part of the information system of LOS PORTALES and that will be processed in order to carry out the activities stated previously. The personal data that the Users may input will only be known by and managed by LOS PORTALES’ staff. They may need to know such information in order to respond to the Users’ requests. These personal data will be processed fairly and legally and will not be used for any other incompatible purpose than those specified. The personal data facilitated by the Users will be processed with total confidentiality. LOS PORTALES commits to keep professional secret indefinitely and guarantees the duty to save them adopting all the necessary security measures.


    We report to the Users that the personal data that will be provided to us will not be shared with any third party unless stated otherwise. It is advisable for the Users to know that their personal data may be shared with the administrative entities, judicial authorities and/or law enforcement officials, if it is statutory.


    LOS PORTALES has implemented all technical and organizational measures required in order to guarantee the safety of the personal data, thus preventing its modification, loss, and processing and/or unauthorized entry. It has taken into account the status of the technology; the type of the data stored and the risks they are exposed to, whether they originate from a human action, from physical or natural means; as established by the current Peruvian legislation regarding personal data protection. The company has also implemented additional security measures to reinforce confidentiality and information integrity and it keeps an ongoing supervision, control and evaluation of the processes to assure the privacy of personal data. However, the transfer of information through the communication networks and the Internet is not very safe; that is why, and in spite of the fact that LOS PORTALES will make its best efforts to protect personal data, it cannot guarantee their safety during the transfer to the web site. Therefore, all of the information that the Users may provide will be sent at their own risk. For that purpose, LOS PORTALES recommends its Users the highest diligence when they share with third parties or publish their personal information to avoid risking their personal data, waiving LOS PORTALES from any responsibility in case of theft, modifications or losses of illegal data.


    The Users that may have provided their personal data to LOS PORTALES may approach LOS PORTALES in order to exercise their access information rights, to update, to include, to correct, to delete, to prevent the transfer of their personal data, and to oppose to the processing or the objective processing of the data as established by the current Peruvian legislation. In order to exercise these rights, the Users may send their request to the following email address: with the reference “Personal Data Protection”, specifying their data, confirming their identity and the reasons for their request.

  • 10. CONSENT

    When the Users accept the Privacy Policy they agree upon all the aspects stated in this document and they authorize us to process their personal data for the purposes stated previously.


    For any query regarding this policy, you may contact us at the following email address:


    The Web Privacy Policy of LOS PORTALES has been updated as of July. LOS PORTALES reserves the right to modify its Web Privacy Policy in the event that there is a modification in the current legislation, the doctrine, the jurisprudence, or due to its own corporate criteria. If any modification is introduced into this Policy, the new text will be published in this same web site, which is why we recommend the Users to visit it periodically.